The Journey So Far

Sagar group was founded in 1965 by late Mr.Ghewarchand Salecha. He started with a small Pulses processing factory in Indore, central India. Over the years he built his business brick by brick and was credited being a pioneer in the field of Pulses processing. Under his leadership the Sagar group became pioneers in globalising and modernising the Pulses trade. From being earliest importers of Pulses to feed domestic demand to being the first companies to start exporting Indian processed Pulses (Dalls) to all corners of the globe, he had the vision which others in the sector followed and valued. Sagar group diversified to Sesame seeds processing in 1992 with set up of a facility to process mechanically Hulled Sesame seeds.


The Road Ahead

India banned export of various commodities in 2006 from India. Beginning with Pulses and expanding to more products from time to time. The Sagar group reacted to this adverse situation by looking beyond India to change this adversity into an opportunity. In 2007 a trading company was formed in Dubai by name of Sajjan Foodstuff Trading LLC and 2008 saw the formation of Sajjan Commodities (Thailand) Co.Ltd in Bangkok.

This move helped the group to continue serving its customers of processed Pulses from various emerging Pulses processing sources from Asia to Africa to Canada.

The ban of primary products like pulses hit the Indian business hard. Indian business rose to the challenge to expand the product range to a comprehensive range of Indian Flours, Chickpeas, Spices, Indian groceries, Indian Raisins, Animal feed etc.

The Dubai Company began operations with processed pulses exports and over the years has diversified into new product categories and new geographies. The location in Dubai enables us to tap opportunities of cross trade between the Middle east, the Subcontinent and the West.

The Bangkok Company marked foray of the group into new areas like Beans, Pulses, Tamarind, Rice and Noodles, Canned Coconut Milk, Canned Fruits, Canned Vegetables, Canned Seafood, Asian cooking Sauce, Dehydrated Fruits. The Thailand Company is also Setting up packaging facility in Bangkok to prepack Pulses for its customers world wide.